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Synonymous with the 60’s, the Liverpool boot room was, funnily enough, where the squad’s boots were stored. It wasn’t until the great Bill Shankly had an idea… he would turn this unassuming room into the hub that plotted its way to numerous league titles, league and FA cups along with seven European triumphs. This would be the place where future managers had the doctrine of the Liverpool way woven into them to realise how important tradition was to the club. Our BootRoom brings to you the traditions of the great game. Signed, authenticated memorabilia of some of the greatest players and moments to have graced the game. We all have those memories of titles won, last gasp goals along with bitter disappointments and we want to play a part in those memories.

I was a Liverpool fan from the age of eight. During the 1987 FA Cup Final my grandmother told my brother and I to choose between the red or blue team, and the winner gets 50 pence. Being the older brother and a Manchester United fan at this point I chose Red, Liverpool, and ever since their 3-1 victory I have been a Liverpool fan.

Craig McKelvie